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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Friday, March 30, 2012

The People That You Work With

I wanted to write today about the people that I work with. As I have been in the profession of teaching for over 30 years, I have worked with a few people. There are those that make coming to work feel like camp and there are those that make coming to work feel like work. When I first started teaching, I had a wonderful aide in my classroom. Linda was more like a mother and a friend. I had just moved from Massachusetts to Maine. I didn't really know anyone and was only 21. I loved my job and it never felt like work. I still mostly feel that way. I love the friendships I have made over the years and how they have seen me through some joyous and trying times...marriages, deaths, baby. Life and all its many gardens. I feel blessed today to have such great people to work with.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Door Closes and Another Opens

So we are getting ready to end this 31 day challenge. I have written every day...except not posting on the day when I was up at camp. I have enjoyed the comments and the commenting. I have enjoyed the push to write and capture my life over the past days. Met some new friends. I will continue to write on the Tuesday SOL. I am also doing a 31 day challenge with my class that will take us to May Day. We decorated our special notebooks yesterday using Wordle. It was so much fun watching them come up with 31 possible ideas to write about. Looking forward to the next slice of life opportunity.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Dog Story Leads to Another.

Today when I shared my blog with my students, some of them were very eager to share their own dog experiences. Here are some of their stories. Emma: When I take my dog for a walk, I'm not actually the one walking the dog. They're walking me. Makayla: I don't have to walk my dog, she walks herself. Avery: Sometimes I like having my dog hold the leash and I have the strap around my neck. (Don't try this at home!) Galen: My dogs like to sit on my trampoline. I sometimes will bounce Max the older one. The younger one Annie, jumps off the trampoline and squeals. Jarrett: My sister sometimes likes to do the tango with both of my dogs. She has experience with this kind of stuff. Nuala: You don't want to tango with my old dog Asher...he hates kids. rut-ro They are asking me to tell you about the "doggy jail" story. Well, it was a dark,stormy night...the wind was blowing gales...and I was at school. My dog Lucas who hates thunder and lightening...was home alone. This old dog, who can hardly get up the stairs, decided to make a break for it. Crashing through the doggy door, leaping over the fence, and making a run for the road. On the road again...I can't wait to get on the road again. Now, alone, wet, and scared, he made his way to a neighbors house. The neighbor did not recognize our dog and called the dog officer. The dog officer took Lucas to Doggy Jail. DUN...DUN...DUNN With his one phone call...he called me. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In order to spring him from jail...$5.00 Priceless.


Yogi. Yogi is my sister and brother-in-laws dog, a basset hound. A rescue that they have had for about three years. Let's just say they have no children...just a Yogi child. When they first got Yogi, we watched without laughing as they launched into doggie land...or should I say Prince Yogi land. Who says that a dog can't learn new tricks? Yogi has just published a book, How to Rule Your Kingdom in Under 20 Barks. Here are some of the things we have learned about dogs through Yogi. 1. When on a walk, Yogi decides what side of the street to walk down and what streets you walked down. I was always under the impression that when you take a dog for a lead. 2. Only on the weekends. When you feed Yogi, he eats out of your hand. During the week, he eats out of the bowl. 3. When tired, you just lay down. Doesn't matter if you are on the sidewalk, middle of the street, wherever, whenever. 4. The last rule for today is a new rule. When your owners are remodeling, you never know what might show up as your next resting place. gotta love him.

Monday, March 26, 2012


So you know how you can be zooming along in life happy, happy, happy....and then not so happy. Well, here's how it started. Traveling to camp in Northern Maine...nice weather...clear roads. My husband and I are chatting away and I turn the corner and begin to build speed...maybe too much speed... yes apparently too much speed. I notice blue lights...not yellow...not green...but blue. Blue lights, let's see does that sound familiar to you? Oh, no. Really? I did not see that the speed limit had gone down to 35MPH. So then you know how you are suppose to be a role-model for your children...Here is part of the conversation with my 20 year old daughter. "I got a speeding ticket on Friday." "What, another ticket? You're going to have to change the license plate on your car!" It is truly humbling, and terrifying to have to come clean with your children. Tomorrow I will tell about the license plate.