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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slice of Life in Maine Today I sit looking out at the swirling snow. A snow day. I am an elementary school teacher so the words "snow day" still mean something to me. It means a non-hurried, take your time kind of day. It means "who could I have breakfast with this morning?". We have the woodstove loaded and my 4 dogs are laying around. Here truly is a slice of life in Maine.


  1. I {heart} snow days because of the take-your-time kind of day. So glad writing topped your list on your do-anything day. :)

  2. *Snow* What magic! I live in Florida and we dream of snow. Hope you had a cozy, cuddle-up sort of day!

  3. Even though I love snow days, I don't love them after February. I hope the snow stays north.

    1. I know we are scheduled to go to school until the first day of summer...June 21st. Now it might be June 22.

  4. Snow days - I love your description of non-hurried. They are delightful.