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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dogs and Friends

Off to the dog groomers with our newest addition to the family. His name is Lars and he came to us through my friend Susan. Susan passed away a year ago from cancer, she was in her 70's. She had battled lung cancer for about 10 years. Lars was her baby boy poodle, a mini. Sleeping on her bed. Riding in the car. She would cook his favorite beans and turkey burger. Let's just call him Prince Lars. As Susan was dying, we talked about what would happen to Lars. Susan knew I had a farm with horses and dogs, at that time we had 3 dogs(2 poodles...minis, and a lab, cocker-spaniel mix). One of my last memories of Susan is her laying on the floor in the sun with her arms around Lars. I knew that she knew it would be one of her last times to do this with him. She would soon be in the hospital. I offered to take Lars when Susan died. He fit right in. He was not the only prince anymore, but he still held his own in this new mix of friends. When Lars first arrived he did not seem to understand his name when you called him. He would look back and as if to say "Are you talking to me?" We quickly learned, after a few trips into the woods to retrieve him, that he needed to be on the leash for awhile. He's not a big fan of the groomers either. He usually has to be muzzled for at least part of the procedure. Today the groomer was remarking at what a nice boy he was...and then proceeded to tell me all the things she couldn't do because he wouldn't let her. Oh Lars! But he seems to be happy with us, and our family wouldn't be complete without him.

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