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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spinning with the Irish Rovers!

I teach exercise classes before I go to school in the mornings. It is a wonderful part of my day with a great group of people. Some of us have exercised together for at least 5 years. We share lots of parts of our lives with each other. Somedays we are laughing and other days we are offering support. Today was a laughing and remembering day. St. Patrick's Day in our spinning(bike) class was filled with Irish music. As I began to look for music for this class, I came upon an album that I had had as a kid. The Unicorn Album by the Irish Rovers. I immediately remembered the album cover and then began to smile to myself as I listened to the songs. I even found myself singing along with the music. Amazing, how long had it been since I had heard this music and it was all coming back. I eagerly brought it to play at the spinning class this morning. Three of the four people in the class had been to Ireland and were Irish. The music started and the bikers began to spin and sing. Singing Old Danny Boy and even sweating green sweat! What could be better!


  1. You teach exercise before school! Wow...I'm impressed! Sounds like a fun day--and it almost makes me wish I had been there. :)

  2. WOW - I am impressed with myself when I do one mile on the treadmill - you are an inspiration!