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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Three Deer and Taking Time

As we were walking out of our camp today it was beautiful. It was warm, blue sky, and the river flowing past. The snow was packed down so the walking out, about a mile, was pretty easy footing. I first heard the bird, and then gazed up, up, up to see a woodpecker. I stopped and watched for a bit...glad to take the time. A bit further down the road, another bird, not sure what it was, a new call to me. Again I stopped and watched for a bit... On we walked and then as were nearing the end of the walk to the car, I happened to turn to my left and there were three young deer. Very close to the edge of the road foraging...They saw me and looked as if to say, we won't run unless we have cause to. I thought to myself there is no cause to run from me...what a gift to just stand and watch...a moment of being invited in... Taking time.

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  1. I felt for a moment that I was looking into the sky with you. I like the use of the ellipses. It brought the feeling of enjoying the moment. Beautiful.