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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Price of a Horse.

My daughter is can that be?
Just yesterday she was asking for a pony. 7 years old and riding a big horse...First riding lessons and she discovered it was soon to be her passion. Neither my husband or I grew up with horses. Neither of us knew anything about horses. Soon we would discover that there would be a farm and horses in our lives. The first horse came in the size of a pony. Who knew that ponies could be bad? A surprise birthday present at 10. Manny entered our lives. He was a 12 year old pony that had supposedly worked at a summer camp. Norah, my daughter, learned a lot from Manny. Never give up! You can fall and still get up and ride again! Get back in the saddle and tell him where you want to go! There were more horses that came...Geronimo, the paint horse, that was suppose to be a jumper. He jumped...only when he wanted to...and sometimes without warning. More lessons. Hold on. Be prepared. Adventures can be unexpected and fun. Payday. A short stay with a love of a horse. A rescue horse that taught Norah how to really jump. One of her last jumps she faltered and fell. The vet said that it was a neurological problem that was not going to get better. More lessons. Love can hurt. Goodbyes can be lived through. There are more stories to tell. My eyes fill as I recall some of the ones already spoken and more yet to speak. My heart is also filled with the love of my daughter and wonderful world of horses that she introduced into our lives. The cost of a horse...priceless.


  1. Having a horse is such a big commitment. When I first started reading, I was thinking that you and your husband would have already had horses/experience with them. I was surprised to read a few sentences in how that was not the case. One of my favorite lines was, "Soon we would discover that there would be a farm and horses in our lives." I bet your daughter is grateful!

  2. I love the final line of your piece. Clearly the cost really was priceless.
    My daughter is just a touch over a year old. Reading your piece reminds me I really do have to seize each and every day.

  3. Stacey...
    It goes by so fast...I am so grateful that I had summers off to take advantage of as much time as daughter is a wonderful person...I am so blessed.