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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can I Share...Can I Share....

This morning at our circle the students gathered around to share their nightly writing journals. Each one shouting louder than the next...can I share next, can I share next. Here are the reasons why they like to share: I like to share because I like the stories I write and I want to share it. Sometimes I don't want to share, because I think people are not going to like my story. I share if I like my story. When I share I get nervous about things that I write. I am sometimes afraid that people will whisper about what I write and laugh at me. I feel good after I share because people give me good comments. I like hearing people comment about my writing because it lets me know that people care about my writing. I think sharing is important because it helps us feel safer and closer to one another. So let's keep sharing and building community.

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