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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Candles, Tears, Happiness.

A few years ago in my third and fourth grade class I had one of those I'll always remember this moments. It all started with a special lunch we had planned for our principal. She was a love with the students...nice matters, was one of her mantras. We surprised her with a tablecloth to candle lunch in the cafeteria. One of the students even came up with the idea of being a waiter with the cloth over the arm. It was hilarious. Well, later that year I was having one of those frazzled days and running in circles. My aide at the time suggested I go to the teacher's room for some tea. It was getting near lunch anyways so I took the time. I got my tea and then walked back to the room to get my things for lunch. A table with candles, tablecloth, china, and delicious looking food awaited me. My eyes filled as I looked at those students beaming. How very kind and thoughtful. They saw how much our principal loved that kindness sent her way...and then they sent it mine.


  1. How sweet! I love that " I'll always remember this moment" quote.

  2. What a great class to be so aware of their teacher's needs. A wonderful moment to savor.