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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Step By Step

She knew that she could do it. Yet there was a part of her that doubted. So she started climbing. Every Tuesday night her dad would take her to the local Y and she would learn about climbing. Climbing that high wall. Each foot finding a safe place to rest. Each hand reaching higher. Sometimes confidently taking those steps. Sometimes gingerly taking those steps. Sometimes stopping midair and hovering. Hovering and waiting for courage to kick in. There was a bell at the top of the yellow wall that she was climbing. She desperately wanted to ring that bell. She knew that she could do it. She saw her teacher watching her climb. She was 3/4 of the way to the top when suddenly she stopped and said she couldn't do it. Yes you can she heard a voice inside her say. Yes you can. So each step up, each step up, each step up. The bell so close she could hear it ringing before she actually rang it. Oh yes she rang it. She rang it and rang it and rang it. Yes you can.

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