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Monday, March 5, 2012

Plants...Roots....New Growth....

I am a plant lover. I did not grow up in house with lots of plants. I am not even sure when it started. I remember that a therapist that I had started going to when I had some major trauma going on in my life had this beautiful huge maiden hair fern. If you don't know a maiden hair fern, let's just say it is delicate. I tried and tried to grow one for awhile and then finally got it to grow, with some help from a friend. In order for it to grow it needs to have moisture around it. It is so beautiful in the light...sun light coming through the windows. I look at it and it reminds me of where I have been and where I am now. I have another plant that someone gave me that is kind of prickly, but it has or yellow. The person that gave it to me had given it to me as a cutting and was rooting it. It stayed in water...I'm not kidding, about 3 years. I looked at that cutting, gaining strength, making so many roots that it would be hard to die. I finally put it in soil last year and another accomplishment...It is growing and has red flowers pretty much all the time. I look at it and think sometimes it takes awhile to make a change, after things have stayed the same for a long time. It may be fear that holds me back. I just love seeing the growth, new growth. I also love knowing that there are lots of possibilities in the plants as they grow and as they rest.

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