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Friday, March 23, 2012


My daughter sent my husband a cute card for his birthday. It was a funny one about the amount of miles he had and how he still looked good. It was on the table with all of the other cards and then I noticed it got put up on the mantle...all by itself. It got me thinking about other cards that I have saved and the importance of the written word. I still have cards that people gave to me with each anniversary in AA. Those words that people said...I sometimes just take the cards when I need to be reminded of all of the support. I still have some notes that my father wrote. He passed away almost 12 years ago. Sometimes I just want to hold the note. A funny note that he wrote to the high school. It was a note about my sister being absent. It was around the holidays. It started out Dear Teacher, my daughter Liz had to help Santa and the elves with all of the presents. I still laugh to myself when I read that. I still have cards that my husband sent to me. Beautiful, loving words from such a kind kindred spirit. Why do we save certain cards...words that we need to hear...see...feel. I still have Norah's first note to us saying that she loved us. Little words...big meaning. Many memories.


  1. I save cards too, but I see that keeping the specials ones and doing something special with them is important. Making a placemat so you see them everyday, putting them in a scrapbook so you can remind yourself periodically about the support group you have as you mentioned that. Words from others are so uplifting when you need it! Just like this group of writers is such an encouraging community that it makes you want to write everyday to see what comments you get from others. Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)

  2. I have a blessing box. It is full of cards and notes from former and current students, my friends, my fmaily. I pull them out when I need encouragement. I like your words "Why do we save certaincards...words that we need to hear..see..feel." I keep the things in my blessing box because there are days that I need to be reminded that I am loved and that I do make a difference in the tlives I touch. Enjoy your memories.

  3. I also save cards. At the end of the year, I go back thru the cards and reread them and remember the special memories. The note you Dad wrote is so cute and what a great memory of him.
    Thanks for sharing.