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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fortune Cookies For All.

So yesterday my 3/4 grade class was reading Wonderopolis, a wonder filled internet site that always has a wonder of the day. It was about fortune cookies. The class learned about the beginnings of the fortune cookie and even how to make fortune cookies. Every night I have my students write in their "nightly journals". Last night was about the fortune cookies. This morning one of my students came in proudly and said, "I have something for you and the class." Out came a plastic bag labeled with a Chinese symbol that meant good fortune. Inside the bag were homemade fortune cookies, complete with homemade fortunes. I had sent home the recipe for fortune cookies, not really expecting anyone to make them so soon. As we gathered in our circle, he began to pass out the cookies. "I'm not sure if you will get the right ones or not," he said to us all. I eagerly opened mine and it said, "you will get stronger." He said that I was suppose to get the one that said "your cold will be gone tomorrow." I have been struggling with the winter cold...sneezing. I was so pleased with the thoughtfulness of this little guy with a big heart. I was also pleased with the response of the rest of the class. Another opportunity to build community. Sharing our kindness and laughter over a fortune cookie.


  1. What a neat kid...making personalized fortunes. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your classroom.

  2. What a wonderful thing! I love that he went right home and made cookies and personalized fortunes. I love your last lines, "Another opportunity to build community. Sharing our kindness and laughter over a fortune cookie."

  3. Fortune cookies are magical aren't they. Every so often they serve them in our cafeteria and my preschool students all hold up their fortunes for me to read. I laugh out loud when I read some of them - they are soooooo appropriate!