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Saturday, March 3, 2012

$75 First Car

I remember my first car. Somethings about it I will never forget. It was an English Ford Cortina. It was white. It was my first car. I was 17 years old. I could afford it. My father found the car for me. The first child of 7 drivers...he was probably thinking this could get expensive. It had been owned by a couple that kept it in their garage. They only wanted $75 for it. My father said there was something I should know about it...before I got too excited. It had been in a fire. He then proceeded to tell me that the owners had kept a blanket on top of the engine(not sure why) and they had started it up and the blanket caught fire and they drove through the garage. (I am not kidding about this...this is how I remember the story being told). So my new to me car was just had primer black paint on the hood that had needed work after the fire and the crashing through the garage. I can tell you that I was just so excited that I had a car that I could overlook the cosmetics. I remember that I loved that car. I loved that car even when it wouldn't start in the winter and my father would push it back, back, back to the far back part of the driveway. Usually saying something about it staying there till spring. I remember that I would come home from college and quietly go to the car and get it to start and convince my father that it too could have a front spot in the driveway. I have had other cars through the years, but I will always remember my first not all white car and the journeys it took me on.


  1. Oh my, this car had an interesting life. Believe it or not, my family had a Cortina too. I think it was a push button for the gears.
    My husband develops relationships with cars, I don't. They are transportation in a comfortable manner to me. He would probably have all sorts of ideas stirred up from your story. I can't imagine getting a car for $75, what a deal!

  2. Memories of a car have a special place. Your feelings were woven in your piece uniquely.